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Loss Prevention

Since the very beginning, BVBA Wim Dekeyser took a great interest in Loss Prevention in order to assist the clients.

Loss Prevention starts with accurate Loss Statistics, which are crucial to analyse the causes of the losses before searching for a remedy. We keep statistics i.r.o. the Cargo Thefts available for our clients. (see under “NEWSLETTER”)

Loss Prevention is crucial in view of several factors :

- the financial impact of Cargo Thefts (for Belgium alone estimated at approximately
€ 10-12.000.000/ every year!

- the international dimension of the criminality.

- the low priority given by the authorities (in al European countries!) to the problem of
Cargo Thefts.

Loss Prevention must enhance different elements:

1. Logistic aspects

- the logistic organisation of the transport.

- routings.

- delivery points and times.

2. Controll over the staf employed.

- screening of drivers/other staff members.

- control over the behaviour of these persons.

- the problem of sub-contracting (particularly in view of the “delocalisation” which takes an huge
extension in the Transport Business!)

3. Technical Prevention.

3.1 Partial Thefts.

A range of means can be used to reduce losses. For instance we can mention a few:



Reinforced Tarpaulins

3.2 Total Thefts.

Anti-theft devices.

A wide range of anti-theft devices is available on the market.

In case of hi-jacking or the use of violence; this type of device looses unfortunately its utility.

After-theft devices.

GPS Tracking

For specific documentation we refer you to the heading under I.T. &T.

3.3 Secured Parking Areas.

* There is a dramatic lack of public secured parking areas.
For instance on the whole territory of France there are exactly… 2 such parking areas.

* Therefore many transport and logistic companies try to secure their own parking compounds. In the present status of the criminality, the technical requirements to eliminate the weak points become more and more sophisticated (and expensive…)

For obvious reasons, we can not go further in detail on a public website; but we remain of course at disposal for all kinds of advice in this respect.

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