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Pilot Projects for secure truck parking areas in Europe

The European Commission has launched a new initiative.

To develop secure parking sites for trucks using the trans-European network. A total of five pilot parking sites will be built or equipped in France, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom to serve as a model and encourage investors to develop such facilities. The first secure truck parking site, at exit 20 on the A2 motorway near Valenciennes between Brussels and Paris, is scheduled to open in January 2008. The Commission is providing half the investment needed for this pilot project.

The pilot project consists of the construction of the secure truck parking site near Valenciennes and investments to improve the security of existing rest areas at Wörnitz (Germany), Ashford (United Kingdom), Uhrsleben (Germany) and Liège (Belgium). Standards and the database of parking sites available throughout the trans-European network will also be developed in this project. The project relies on a partnership bringing together motorway and truck parking site operators and associations representing logistical and road transport operators as well as insurance groups and the police. It is programmed to take two years and will cost 10.9 million euros, half of which will be provided by the Commission.

Even when the implementation of these first pilot projects will take some time, we welcome this initiative from the European Commission as an important step to more security.

(bericht d.d. 15/06/07)

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